Toddler Bounce House Rentals

United Inflatable Rides has bounce houses for all ages and sizes, including the little ones! Our Toddler Bounce House Rentals are pefect for the little tykes. This bouncer as just as much fun as the larger versions just smaller to accomidate smaller kids. These toddler boucne house rentals are designed to keep your children safe wihile they play. They have a low access ramp thats easy for even the littlest of kids to climb in safetly. They also include side safety nets that allow for air flow and for parants to be able to peek in. 
Check out our 1 of a kind Dinosaur Bouncer Rental! This bouncer was made with toddlers in mind! Its small and is brightly designed with a gaint dino on the front.
If your thining of adding a slide to a smaller bounce house, take a look at our Mini Crayon Combo! This is a perfect sized bounce house for smaller children. Its smaller enclosed slide makes it safe and less intimadating for the littlest of children. 
United Inflatable Rides is the #1 provider in inflatable party equipment! Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we know we will have  the right rentals for your party. Contact us to get started!