Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental

United Inflatable Rides in Pittsburgh, PA has all the best party & event rentals, including an inflatable obstacle course rental. When you are planning a big event it can be difficult sometimes to choose a party rental that will be able to entertain a large group of people. You can either choose to rent a few smaller rentals like a bounce house with an inflatable slide or a couple of interactive games. Some of our customers go with a large rental like an inflatable obstacle course. These giant courses add tons of fun to all events! We bring them to school & church events, festivals, carnivals, fundraisers, fun runs, corporate parties, and more. Any time you want big fun, rent a big obstacle course.

Check out some of our best obstacle course rentals! Our 70' Obstacle Course is an inflatable course that will give your party-goers a real challenge. This great event rental can really take on a crowd!

Event Rentals

We have a large selection of big event rentals that go great with obstacle courses and other party rentals. Check them out!

If you are a school renting inflatables for your upcoming parties, we offer a great selection of school party packages! The party professionals at United Inflatable Rides know what kids go crazy for so we have put together packages that are sure to please all the kids. We discount these packages for our local schools, give us a call and let us help you. Don’t forget the sno-cone machine rental, all kids love sugar.

Our inflatable game rentals are very popular and it’s easy to see why! We have some of the games that everyone is asking about like the Hippo Chow Down Jr. This silly game is a crazy twist on a classic board game where 4 players are attached to bungees competing to collect the most balls. The player with the most balls is the winner! If you're throwing a carnvial-themed event check this blog. 

United Inflatable Rides is the trusted place for clean and affordable event rentals including an Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental. We aren’t like the other party rental companies; we get to your event early and give you plenty of time with your rentals. Are you in our service area? Find out! Contact us today to get started on your rentals.