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     United Inflatable Rides is the #1 local Pittsburgh Party Rentals Company.  We have a MASSIVE selection of Party Rentals to choose from.  We have spent years building our inventory of Party Rental items that our customers have made requests for.  Not only can we take care of your residential birthday party, but we can also be your one stop shop for any large corporate or even city wide event.  We don't just focus on having the best selection of Inflatables, we focus on the ability to offer a wide variety of different equipment to make your event awesome!  Do you need to seat 100 people?  No worries, we have Table and Chair sets that can be topped off with one or our Party Tents.  Maybe you are looking for some entertainment ideas outside of Inflatables.  Well we have Dunking Booths, Inflatable Movie Screens, Carnival Games, and even Photo Booths.  

     Build a package of different items from our company instead of ordering items from 3 different companies that could not fullfill your entire rental request.  We offer a multi unit discount for anyone renting 3 or more inflatablles at one time. 

     Our delivery staff is always friendly, on-time, and eager to please our customers.  If you have any questions please call 412-453-5050 or if you kmow what you want you can always order right here on our website.  

Heres a category list of Pittsburgh Party Rentals you can expect to find on our website

     We service many types of different places and events.  For starters, we are fully insured so that makes it possible for us to deliver to the different local parks of Pittsburgh.  NOTE:  Many Party Rental Companies do not carry insurance.  You should always ask for proof of insurance before renting, especially if you plan to set up your rental at a location other than your residence.  If you live in an apartment complex then a City Park just may be the perfect location for you to set up a bouncer.  You are responsible for booking the park of your choice and please be sure that when you schedule a time with us to make your delivery, please be sure you are there and ready to go.  Our drivers typically have Party Rental deliveries scheduled back to back, so it will be almost impossible for them to wait for you to get there so they can conclude set up.  Any additional questions please call 412-453-5050.  

We have included a list and a link to local Parks in Pittsburgh

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